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My ZEN20 Power Strip is Unresponsive to My Z-Wave System

Got your ZEN20 Power Strip connected but it's not responding to your app, changing status properly, or shows that it's offline? This may indicate a range issue.

The ZEN20 Power Strip is a Z-Wave Plus device that has range of 100 feet (line of sight). Even so, interferences like thick walls, large furniture, and metal elements can shorten this range. Ultimately range is determined by the specific structure of your home and the strength of your mesh network. If you're seeing connectivity issues with your ZEN20 Power Strip, here are several things to try:

1. If there's a way to refresh your Z-Wave network, please try refreshing. This will help configure your network and help your hub find the most effective communication route to the ZEN20 Power Strip.

2. Try excluding and re-including the ZEN20 Power Strip directly from the installation location. Similar to the idea behind refreshing the network, it's possible that the hub hasn't found the most efficient communication route to the ZEN20 Power Strip. This sometimes happens when you include a device near the hub and then move it away to be installed. 

3. Try bringing the ZEN20 Power Strip closer to your hub. Plug it into a wall receptacle near the controller, and then exclude it  and re-include it. If the strip includes successfully, stays connected, and is responsive to remote commands, it's possible the previous location was out of the hub's range or there are too many interferences in that particular area.

If none of the above solves the problem, please let us know! We're always here to help.

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  • 08-Jun-2020