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How to Add Your ZEN20 Power Strip to Your Z-Wave System

It goes by many names, but we use the word "inclusion" for the process of adding or pairing a device to your Z-Wave system. 

Here's how to include your ZEN20 Power Strip to your Z-Wave system:

1. Plug the ZEN20 Power Strip into the grounded receptacle you plan to use it with (it doesn't need to be within direct range of your Z-Wave hub)
2. Put your Z-Wave hub into inclusion mode (see your controller's device manual, as each brand is different)
3. Press and release the CH1 button 3 TIMES QUICKLY
4. All LED indicators should start flashing
5. You will see 8 new on/off devices in your app: 5 channels for on/off control, 2 channels for on/off monitoring (USB ports reporting charging/ charged status, no control), and one master node to control all 5 outlets at once, as well as to access and adjust advanced settings in.

If you've tried the steps above and find that inclusion isn't working for you, here's what to try.

Have any questions about the inclusion process? Please let us know! We're always here to help.

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  • 08-Jun-2020