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My ZEN20 Power Strip Shows "Can't Detect Device" in Vera

The "Can't Detect Device" error can point to an issue with connectivity, range, or configuration. 

Let's start with Updating Neighbor Nodes. This is a  useful feature in your Vera interface that will refresh the network and help Vera find the most efficient route to your ZEN20 Power Strip. Give this a try if you're experiencing connectivity issues and see the "Can't Detect Device" error: 

1. Use a computer to log into and select your hub.
2. From the Dashboard, select Settings
3. Select Z-Wave Settings
4. Click on the Advanced tab
5. At the bottom of the advanced tab, you'll see a GO button to run the “Update Neighbor Nodes”. The process can take several minutes or over an hour depending on the size of your Z-Wave network.

Another thing to try is to exclude and re-include the strip from the installation location. Just like Update Neighbor Nodes, it's possible that Vera hasn't found the best route to communicate with the device. Exclusion acts like a reset and may improve connectivity. 

Yet another potential solution may be to choose a spot closer to Vera and exclude and re-include the ZEN20 Power Strip from that spot. If the error disappears and communication becomes more reliable, it's possible that the first location was out of range or there was too much interference in that area. 

If you're still experiencing issues after trying all the above, please let us know. We'll be happy to work with you until we find a solution. 

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