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ZEN14 Outdoor Double Plug FAQs
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Frequently Asked Questions About the ZEN14 Outdoor Double Plug

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Dual Control ZEN14 ZEN14 Double Outdoor Plug  S2 Security ZEN14


Can the ZEN14 be installed outdoors?

  • Yes. The ZEN14 is rated IP65 for outdoor use.
  • This product should be installed indoors upon completion of any building renovations.
  • Do not install the device in a place with direct sun exposure, high temperature, or humidity.
  • Keep it away from chemicals, water, and dust.

What is the operating temperature of the ZEN14?

  • 32° – 104° F (0-40° C)

Will the ZEN14 work in temperatures outside of the listed operating temperatures?

  • The specification of the Z-Wave chip requires environments of no less than 32 F and no more than 104 F. This is why we list the operating temperature at 32-104 F; the same applies for all Z-Wave devices we know of since they shouldn't be installed in environments that often drop below 32F or exceed 104 F.
  • It's likely that you may lose Z-Wave control during super cold periods and could damage the electronics inside the plug during super hot periods.

What are the dimensions of the ZEN14? How big is the device?

  • 5" tall, 3.5" wide, 1.75" deep
  • Cord Length: 6.5"

Is the ZEN14 available in other colors?

  • No. The ZEN14 is available in black only.

Will this cover up the other outlet or can other devices be plugged in?

  • The ZEN14 has an angled plug so that it leaves enough space for the other outlet in your receptacle and will not cover it. You can even fit two smart plugs in the same receptacle!

How could I mount the ZEN14 on the wall?

  • The ZEN14 has a mounting hole on the top tab where the plug comes out of the device with a large round space and a narrow top.
  • You'll want to affix your screw in the wall, then you can simply place the ZEN14 over the screw and slide the unit down so that the screw locks in at the narrow part of the top. You will not need to disassemble the unit.

What kind of devices can or can't I connect to the ZEN14?

Could I use the ZEN14 to power a low voltage lighting transformer like this one here for my landscape lighting?

  • NO, it is not a supported load for the ZEN14.
  • For an installation like this, we recommend using either the ZEN16 Multirelay or ZEN17 Universal Relay between the 12V output side of your transformer and landscaping lightning. This scenario is safe for the ZEN16 or ZEN17 since the 12V is a constant voltage from your magnetic transformer (coil transformer – not an electronic one). With the ZEN16 or ZEN17 you'll also be able to control multiple zones of landscape lightning. 

Can I use the ZEN14 to power an electric heater?

  • NO. Even if a heating appliance is within the power range of these plugs, we wouldn't recommend automating electric heaters and similar appliances. This is a big fire and safety hazard, since not only should these devices not be left unattended when on, but there's always the risk of accidentally turning it on remotely; this is a UL safety recommendation.

What is the warranty coverage for the ZEN14 Outdoor Double Plug?

Where can I find the ZEN14 device manual?


What kind of load is the ZEN14 rated for? What is its maximum rating?

  • 960W incandescent, 150W LED bulbs, 15A resistive, 1/3 HP fan motors combined between 2 outlets 

Does the ZEN14 have energy or power monitoring?

  • No. We currently don't plan on adding power monitoring functionality in the near future, but the request has been shared with our development team for future consideration.

Can I control each outlet individually manually and in my Z-Wave hub?

  • Yes. Pressing the Z-Wave button will send manual on/off commands to Outlet 1 and pressing it twice quickly will control Outlet 2. As long as your Z-Wave hub supports multi-channel devices, it should recognize the device as a Main Device and two child devices, one for each outlet.

What security level does the ZEN14 pair to my controller or hub with?

  • The highest level of security the ZEN14 supports is S2 Authenticated.

Will the ZEN14 act as a signal repeater for other Z-Wave devices in my network?

  • Yes. Your Z-Wave hub decides which devices to use to reach other Z-Wave devices. Any non-battery powered Z-Wave device will act as a signal repeater; it would be up to your hub whether or not it will be used in a communication route.


Do I need a Z-Wave hub to buy this device?

  • No. The ZEN14 Outdoor Double Plug has a button so you can have manual on/off control of the outlets and use it as such without a Z-Wave hub; however, to control the device remotely and access the advanced features, you would need a Z-Wave hub. The ZEN14 communicates via Z-Wave and would require a hub to allow you to control it remotely.
  • To control any of our Z-Wave devices remotely through your smart phone, you'll need a compatible Z-Wave hub. These devices require a central controller that communicates with them and sends commands. Once you have a controller, you would download that controller's dedicated app on your phone and control your connected devices through that app. 

Will I still be able to control the plug manually if my Z-Wave hub is down or offline?

  • Yes. The ZEN14 functions like a regular plug and can control the connected load if the hub is offline.
  • To control the device manually, you press the Z-Wave button once for Outlet 1 on/off control and twice for Outlet 2 on/off control.

Is the ZEN14 plug compatible with my hub?

Will the ZEN14 work with my alarm panel?

  • Alarm panels like will typically only support single switches, door locks, select thermostats, and any authorized items on their list. We would recommend reaching out to your alarm panel company to verify compatibility and to get the latest on any device integrations they may be working on. 
  • To our best knowledge, most alarm panels don't support multichannel devices so the Outdoor Double Plug won't display correctly in their interface. It will not create two separate devices like an open Z-Wave hub would, allowing you to control the two outlets separately. There is nothing about the Outdoor Double Plug that we could change to improve compatibility with alarm panels, since this is a limitation of the hub and how it displays multichannel devices.  It would be up to your alarm panel to integrate the device, as it follows Z-Wave protocol and has been Z-Wave certified. There is nothing we can change on our end to have the device be recognized correctly; would have to support the integration. Read more about alarm panel compatibility here.

Can I connect the ZEN14 directly to my Amazon Alexa, Google Home, or other smart speaker?

  • No. Smart speakers like Alexa or Google are not equipped with a Z-Wave chip and are not Z-Wave gateway controllers.
  • Smart speakers are integrated with certain Z-Wave hubs, like SmartThings or Hubitat, which is how you can have voice control of your Z-Wave devices from your smart speakers.
  • Without a compatible Z-Wave hub, no Z-Wave products will function correctly with Alexa or Google alone.

Where do I find all of my plug's advanced settings?

How do I add the plug to my Z-Wave hub?

How can I tell what firmware my ZEN14 is running on?

  • The firmware that your device is shipped with should be printed on the back of the device where the model specifications are. If your hub supports and properly integrates the device, you should also see the firmware listed in your Z-Wave interface.
  • Firmware that is listed as 1.01 (or any other value with a 0 in the middle) in the ZEN14's change log may display as 1.1 in your hub.

How do I update the firmware of my ZEN14?

How long does the update take? How do I know when it's finished?

  • Firmware updates should usually take anywhere from 5 to 15 minutes depending on connection quality and how much information needs to actually be updated on a given device.
    • If it is taking longer than that, please try to bring the hub / controller closer to the device that is being updated.

Where can I find the history of changes and firmware updates for the ZEN14?

What series Z-Wave chip does the ZEN14 use?

  • The ZEN14 uses a 700 series Z-Wave chip. We are in the process of updating this model to the new 800 series Z-Wave chip so it should be 800 series by the end of 2023.

Is the ZEN14 available in other Z-Wave frequencies?

  • The ZEN14 is currently available in 908.42 MHz (US) frequency only. We do not currently have plans to release it in EU or AU frequency.

Check out the Zooz Knowledge Base for free support articles about the ZEN14 Outdoor Double Plug (and all of our devices)!

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