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How to Add Your ZEN04 Smart Plug to Home Assistant
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If your ZEN04 works 100% manually, then it's time to add it to your Home Assistant Z-Wave network!

The ZEN04 Smart Plug will soon be officially integrated with the new ZWaveJS integration of Home Assistant, so you won't have access to the advanced settings until the integration is finalized. We would recommend updating to the JS integration in order for the ZEN04 to be recognized correctly once integrated. 


Here are the steps to add the device to your system: 


  1. In Home Assistant: open Configuration Integrations Z-Wave JS > Configure.
  2. Click on Add node.
  3. Click on Start Inclusion to initiate pairing.
  4. While the system is in inclusion mode, press the Z-Wave button 3 times very quickly (The LED indicator will start flashing blue to confirm inclusion mode and turn green for 1 second once inclusion is completed.)
  5. Home Assistant will confirm a successful inclusion

Once the plug is paired, you'll be able to create rules for it, control it remotely, and customize it via the advanced settings (once integrated).


If your ZEN04 is having trouble connecting to your Z-Wave network, the first thing to try is exclusion which is a type of Z-Wave reset. 

Send us message if you have any questions or are having issues with your Smart Plug.

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