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My ZEN74 Toggle Dimmer 700 is Offline in Home Assistant
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If your ZEN74 Dimmer is not responding to Z-Wave commands, you may need to refresh the network.

With a range of 500 feet (line of sight), your ZEN74 can still be affected by interferences like large furniture, thick walls, and metal elements. Ultimately range is determined by the specific structure of your home and the strength of your mesh network. If you're seeing connectivity issues, we first recommend healing your Home Assistant network. This feature refreshes the connections between your hub and devices so that the hub can find the most efficient route to each device.


  1. Click on the Z-Wave Control Panel in Home Assistant

  2. Under Z-Wave Network Management, click Heal Network

If the above process didn't resolve the issue, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  1. Try removing and re-adding the dimmer to your hub. The process can help the hub find a more efficient communication route to the device.

  2. Add a Z-Wave signal repeating device between the hub and dimmer and heal the network once more. The repeater can be any non-battery powered Z-Wave device.

  3. Try bringing your hub closer to the dimmer and give the exclusion / inclusion process another try. If the dimmer stays connected, then it's possible it's out of the hub's range when the hub is in its normal spot.

  4. Check the material of your switch box. If it's metal, this may be the source of the issue. Metal is really effective at disrupting Z-Wave signals; it can prevent signals from being sent or received. If possible, try moving the hub closer or adding a Z-Wave signal repeater between the switch and the hub.

If your ZEN74 is still experiencing issues, send us a message! We can help.

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