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How to Use the ZEN16 MultiRelay as a Sprinkler Controller on SmartThings

Schedule and manage your sprinkler system from SmartThings with the ZEN16 MultiRelay: use it to automate up to 3 zones! The below instructions describe a Z-Wave-only control system. Do NOT connect your existing timer to the Sw inputs on the MultiRelay. Here is how you can use your MultiRelay as a multi-zone sprinkle…

How to Use the ZEN16 MultiRelay as a Garage Door Opener on SmartThings

You can automate your standard garage door with the MultiRelay following the steps below. Remember to check your local safety regulations first and make sure you test the device thoroughly after programming it to prevent accidental operation. The ZEN16 MultiRelay is NOT a reliable solution to track the open/close sta…

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