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ZEN17 Universal Relay Change Log
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Here is a list of the changes and updates we made to the ZEN17 Universal Relay so far.

VER. 1.02 (released 3/2021)

Original release.

  • 2 x NO-C-NC relays and double inputs (dry contact + 12-24 V)
  • USB C cable included (power adapter sold separately)
  • 700 Series Z-Wave Chip

Firmware: 1.02

  • 4 switch types to choose from (on/off toggle fixed to position, on/off toggle regular, momentary, garage door mode)

  • 7 input types to choose from to monitor separately from output control (bug for open/close reports: will report in reverse for most door sensors)

  • Built-in timer available in seconds, minutes, and hours (doesn't work if any of the 7 monitoring inputs is enabled and input control is disabled)

  • SmartStart + S2 Authenticated Security supported

VER. 1.03 (released 6/2021)

Firmware: 1.03

  • Fixed open/close reports for input monitoring (no longer show status in reverse)

VER. 1.04 (released 5/2021 as OTA file only)

Firmware: 1.04

  • Added additional switch type: garage door mode for relay + open/close type for input
  • Fixed endpoints created for inputs and outputs (static with different types of reports)
  • Fixed the timer bug (timers now work even if the input type is set to monitoring sensors)

VER. 1.10 (released 4/2022 as OTA file only)

Firmware: 1.10

  • Parameters 19 and 20 added to reverse the reporting on sensor inputs (see all setting details here)
  • Fixed reporting behavior after power outage: if parameters 2 or 3 are set to 7, and parameters 10 or11 are set to disabled, the status on inputs is now updated when it's changed during a power outage so correct status is showed after the power is restored

VER. 1.20 (released 6/2022 as OTA file only)

Firmware: 1.20

  • Fixed reporting behavior after a power outage: if parameters 2 or 3 are set to any value, and parameters 10 or11 are set to disable, the status on inputs is now updated when it's changed during a power outage so the correct status is shown after the power is restored (version 1.10 only fixed the issue for parameter 2 and value 7, this is now fully addressed)

VER. 1.30 (released 4/2023 as OTA file)

Firmware: 1.30

  • Fixed setting bug: you can now set any value for parameter 2 or 3 (input type) when parameter 24 (DC motor mode) is set to value 1 (enabled).
  • Fixed setting bug: R2 output now behaves correctly after a power outage with input type set to garage door mode (parameter 3 set to value 11). It no longer needs to be turned on and off first to resume normal operation.
  • Added new settings to set input trigger duration (parameters 25 and 26, see all settings here)
  • Added new setting to assign fixed on or off actions to inputs (parameter 27, see all settings here)

VER. 1.40 (released 11/2023 as OTA file)

Firmware: 1.40

  • Fixed a bug with the auto turn-off timer for R1 and R2 whenever parameters 10 and 11 are changed from value 1 to 0. Parameters 2 and 3 values 0-10 were affected.


Your Universal Relay can be updated via OTA firmware updates, you can access all firmware files here after you register your product and create an account here. Questions? Just reach out to our tech support team.

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