How to Connect Your ZSE18 Motion Sensor to SmartThings

There are a few different ways to add the Motion Sensor to SmartThings, but you'll need to complete the check-list below first in each case:  

Make sure you're running the SmartThings Classic app (not the "new" SmartThings app) to take the best advantage of this sensor's custom features. SmartThings has been updating their platform and is still migrating to the new app so many devices aren't recognized correctly.

This sensor works best with SmartThings when used with custom device handler - it won't be recognized correctly without the handler, in fact. It takes 5 minutes to install it but it gives you access to advanced settings and bonus functionality like vibration reports. Here's how to install the handler

After you see the new handler appear in your list of device handlers, you can include the sensor to the network using two different methods:

Add the ZSE18 sensor to SmartThings, powered by battery:

1. Click on Add Thing (or the "+" icon) in your app
2. Twist open the cover of the sensor to access the battery
3. Pull the plastic battery tab out and unwrap the battery if needed. Insert the battery back in. This will automatically put the sensor into inclusion mode and the new device should appear on the device list within 30 seconds

If for whatever reason you'd like to try auto-inclusion again after giving it a try, remove the battery for at least 2 minutes before auto-including the second time. The sensor needs to be without power for these 2 minutes so it can refresh.

You can also add the sensor manually if you're having a hard time with auto-inclusion:

1. Keep the sensor's battery in the device for at least a minute
2. Click on Add Thing (or the "+" icon) in the SmartThings app
3. Triple-click the Z-Wave button on the sensor quickly
4. Here is how the sensor will display in SmartThings when running on batteries:

Add the ZSE18 sensor to SmartThings, powered by USB:

1. Make sure the sensor is within direct range of SmartThings
2. Connect the sensor to the USB cable and power adapter. Wait at least 30 seconds.
3. Click on Add Thing (or the "+" icon) in the corner of your app
3. Press and hold Z-Wave button for at least 5 seconds. Release the button as soon as the LED indicator starts blinking. If you hold it for too long, inclusion will fail.
4. This is how the sensor will display when it's included as a signal repeater on USB power:

If you're having issues adding the device to your hub, here's what to try. And let us know if you have any questions!

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  • 16-Jul-2018