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My ZSE40 4-in-1 Sensor's Values Aren't Updating

Stagnant values may point to a configuration issue with your device.

First, let's remember that the sensor will report motion in real time and other values as often as every 3 minutes REGARDLESS of the wake-up / check-in interval. Wake-up is basically the short period of time that the sensor receives communication from the hub, like network information or setting updates. This is unrelated to how often the sensor sends information to the hub. 

While your 4-in-1 Sensor's wake-up interval is set to 12 hours by default to save on battery, you can adjust this interval to better suit your needs or force wake-up when necessary.

There are a few scenarios where you may consider wake-up:

1. The sensor's values aren't updating in general
2. The sensor hasn't fully configured during set-up, and you're seeing errors pop up or that the values aren't displaying
3. You changed the advanced settings for the sensor, like motion re-trigger interval or changing temperature reports from Celsius to Fahrenheit, and you want the device to update

Here's how to wake up your 4-in-1 Sensor: 

Press and release the Z-Wave button once with a paperclip (if you feel this press didn't go through, you can try again with multiple presses if you'd like). The LED indicator should flash once (blue or orange).

If wake-up doesn't help update the sensor's values, try performing hard reset. While this type of reset will erase all custom settings and previous activity, it can help configuration issues. To reset the unit:

Press and release the Z-Wave button with a paperclip 10 TIMES quickly (within 10 seconds)

After reset, re-include the device back into the network using the steps outlined here

Yet another thing to consider is understanding how the device monitors and reports back to the hub. It will not display real-time temperature, humidity, and light values. It will send reports based on the change in values. For example, for temperature, you can set the device to report changes in temperature from as low as 0.1 degrees Celsius to as high as 5 degrees Celsius (it will then be calculated to Fahrenheit automatically but the intervals are always in the Celsius scale). So if you see that the value isn't updating, check if your change interval can be adjusted. If the device is in an environment that has a 3-degree temperature variation, then you will not receive reports if your threshold is set to 5 degrees. 

If none of the above solved the issue or if you have questions about how the device monitors, please let us know! We'll be happy to help.

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