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How to Add Your ZSE40 4-in-Sensor to Your Z-Wave System

There are many words for it, but inclusion is a common term for pairing or adding a device to your Z-Wave system.   

You'll need to include your sensor before mounting it in its final location. And if you ever need to re-include the device (after exclusion or reset), the same steps below would apply. Here's how to do it: 

1. Insert the included battery, double checking that it's inserted properly (LED indicator will flash different colors)
2. Bring the sensor near its mounting location (including it from this spot will help the hub find the most efficient communication route to the device)
3. Put your hub into inclusion/pairing mode in your app's interface (each hub is different, so refer to the hub's manual if you're unsure about the process)
4. Click the Z-Wave button TWICE quickly with a paperclip
5. The LED indicator should blink blue (or green or orange depending on the temperature in the room) to signal communication and then turn off to verify the device has been included

If you're having trouble including your device, the first thing you should try is excluding the unit and then giving inclusion another go.

Have any questions about the inclusion process? Please let us know! Our team will be happy to help.

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