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Recommended Accessories for Your ZEN24 Dimmer Toggle Switch
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Accessories are important to making your installation look its best.


What tools should I have for the installation? We recommend reading the instructions included with your switch closely and gathering the tools you'll need BEFORE beginning the installation. Your ZEN24 dimmer toggle comes with a neutral jumper in the box which is needed in most installs, but if you need additional wire or wire nuts to complete the installation, then the recommended wire gauge for your installation is 14 AWG as used in most standard 120 V installations. Other basic electrical tools you may need on hand for the installation include a voltage meter and electrical pliers.


Important: Check to see if your light fixture is within the ZEN24's specifications. The maximum load rating for the toggle dimmer is 150W for LED bulbs and 500W for incandescent lighting. The switch also has a minimum LED requirement of 15W. The ZEN24 switch is rated to control 120 V light fixtures directly and CANNOT be connected to a receptacle. We also wouldn't advise having a mixed incandescent and LED load on the same fixture. You can read more about what can and cannot be connected to Zooz switches here: General Questions about Zooz Light Switches.


Where do I start? With the right preparation!:

  • Wiring diagram. Make sure you're following along with the correct model wiring diagram. Single pole installation diagrams are under the ZEN24's product page, while 3-or more-way diagrams are located right here in our Knowledge Base.
  • Proper wire identification. Check your wiring and take photos of your existing switches because they might be wired differently than Zooz switches. If replacing an existing Zooz switch, then it can also have a different wiring diagram. Use this guide to properly identify your wires before installing.
  • Neutral wiring. All Zooz switches require neutral for installation. Reach out to us if you need help checking that there' neutral in the location your ZEN24 is being installed in.
  • Hire a pro. We would recommend hiring a licensed electrician to install the switch for your own safety if you're not comfortable around electrical installations.
  • Check with us! Your wiring and our diagram might not match - that doesn't mean you can't use Zooz here. Reach out to us with your order number (for switch model verification; we can check Amazon order numbers too) and images of the wiring in each switch box (needed to provide the most accurate directions) and we'll be happy to create custom wiring instructions for you.


We'd love to help if you have any other questions regarding your ZEN24 toggle dimmer switch.



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