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ZEN27 S2 Dimmer & Compatible Hubs
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Will the S2 Dimmer ZEN27 work with my hub?

The dimmer works great with the following Z-Wave systems:

  • 2GIG (no advanced settings or scene control available)
  • ADT Pulse (no advanced settings or scene control available)
  • (no advanced settings or scene control available)
  • Almond (Securify)
  • Fibaro Home Center 2
  • Fibaro Home Center Lite
  • Home Assistant
  • HomeSeer
  • Hubitat
  • InControl
  • Indigo
  • ISY
  • openHAB
  • Open Z-Wave
  • Piper (no advanced settings or scene control)
  • SmartThings Hub
  • Staples Connect DLink (no advanced settings or scene control)
  • VeraEdge (scene control not supported)
  • VeraLite (scene control not supported)
  • VeraPlus (scene control not supported)
  • VeraSecure (scene control not supported)
  • Wink and Wink 2 (no advanced settings)
  • Zipato ZipaTile

It will also be recognized by any open systems which support dimmer (multilevel switch) device types. If your hub is not listed above, please get in touch with us before buying the dimmer to avoid the hassle of returns.

How about Alexa or Google Home?

Smart speakers are NOT Z-Wave hubs so they won't work directly with any Z-Wave devices. But you can use a compatible Z-Wave hub with smart speaker integration to control your S2 Dimmer with voice control. These include the Fibaro hubs, Hubitat, SmartThings, Vera, and Wink.

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