Can't Add My ZEN25 Double Plug to My Z-Wave System

Exclusion is the first thing to try. By "exclusion" we refer to the removal of a device from your Z-Wave system.

Different systems have different terms for the same action, so it never hurts to clarify! Exclusion is also like a soft reset. Even if your Double Plug was never successfully included to your Z-Wave hub, you can still exclude it. It can help a wide variety of issues, from connectivity to configuration to inclusion, so we always recommend trying this first. Here's how to do it:

  1. Plug the Double Plug into a grounded receptacle located within direct range of your Z-Wave hub
  2. Put your Z-Wave hub into exclusion mode (see your controller's manual, as each brand is different)
  3. Press and release the Z-Wave button 3 TIMES QUICKLY
  4. Your hub will confirm exclusion and all of the channels (child outlets) and the main device will disappear from your controller's device list.

Once exclusion is completed, try re-including the Double Plug to your hub. But if exclusion doesn't help, here are some other things to try:

  • Try the exclusion process once again. It's possible that the commands just didn't go through the first time.
  • Bring the Double Plug closer to your hub when trying to include it again. If it includes successfully from a different spot, the previous location may be out of range. 
  • Once you put the hub into inclusion mode, press and release the Z-Wave button very quickly 4-5 times to ensure the command has gone through.
  • If you're able to get the unit connected but find that it's become unresponsive in your Z-Wave app interface, it may be a range issue. Here's what to try

If you're still experiencing issues with your Double Plug after trying everything above, please let us know!

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  • 11-Jun-2020