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Can't Add My ZEN25 Double Plug to Vera

Inclusion issues can be common among Z-Wave devices, and are usually a quick fix.

They can be the result of configuration errors during the inclusion process or your device can be associated with a different network - sometimes the factory's or manufacturer's network. In any case, we always recommend first excluding the Double Plug from your Vera and then re-including it.

If you’re running your VeraLite, VeraEdgeVeraPlus, or VeraSecure on the latest UI7, try pairing the Double Plug first. It should be included as a Generic Z-Wave device. Once inclusion times out, try the steps below:

1. Tap the green Retry button in the bottom right corner of the app - this will put Vera into exclusion mode.
2. Exclude the device by pressing and releasing the Z-Wave button 3 TIMES QUICKLY.
3. Vera will confirm exclusion. Retry the inclusion process.

When dealing with older firmware, just press the exclusion ("-") button on the hub and try the exclusion process outlined above (though it should be noted - we highly recommend updating to UI7 to take advantage of all the security, compatibility, and interface upgrades that come with the new software).

If exclusion and re-inclusion just aren't working out, here are some other things to try: 

  • Try exclusion again in case the commands from the first attempt weren't registered correctly.
  • Try the inclusion process again, only this time instead of the Z-Wave button 3 times, try pressing it 5-6 times as quickly and firmly as possible. This can help make sure the commands go through.
  • Try bringing the Double Plug closer to Vera if you were at a large distance the first time. If you have a hand-held secondary controller, try using it to complete the inclusion process.
  • And if you find that your plug is connected but it's not responded to remote commands, check out these troubleshootsfor range and connectivity issues on Vera.

If you have any questions about the process or find that it doesn't help your issue, let us know!

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  • 11-Jun-2020