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Can't Add My ZEN26 On/Off Switch to Wink print icon

Let's try resetting your switch by excluding it from the network.

You can still exclude the switch even if it was never added to Wink successfully:

1. Click on Hubs 
2. Click on Settings (the three dots in the upper right corner)
3. Click on your hub (most likely named Wink Hub)
5. Scroll down to Settings and click on Z-Wave Controls
6. Click on Exclusion Mode
7. Tap the LOWER paddle 3 times quickly
8. While the app will NOT confirm exclusion of the device, your Wink hub will go from blinking blue to a solid green light to confirm the device was successfully excluded. Wait for the LED indicator to turn green before exiting Exclusion

Once exclusion is confirmed, try re-including the switch. If exclusion didn't get your switch paired with Wink, here some other things to try: 

  • We recommend trying exclusion one more time, just in case the commands didn't go through on the first try.
  • Try the inclusion process again, only this time instead of tapping the paddle 3 times, tap it 4-5 times as quickly as possible.
  • If possible, try bringing the hub within direct range of the switch if you were at a large distance the first time. If you have a hand-held secondary controller, this would be the time to bring it out! While it can be annoying to do, this can rule out any range issues. 
  • And if you find that your switch is connected but it's not responding to remote commands, here are some suggestions for troubleshooting connectivity and range issues.

If you have any questions about the process above,  let our team know!

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