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My ZEN16 Multirelay Shows "Can't Detect Device" in Vera
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A "Can't Detect Device" error suggests a range or connectivity issue.

If the ZEN16 displays as "can't detect device" in your Vera app, try to resolve the issue by using Update Neighbor Nodes. This is a helpful feature in Vera's interface that allows you to refresh the connections between hub and the devices and should help the hub find the most efficient route to your switch.


Here's how to Update Neighbor Nodes:

  1. Use a computer to log into and select your hub.
  2. From the Dashboard, select Settings
  3. Select Z-Wave Settings
  4. Click on the Advanced tab
  5. At the bottom of the advanced tab, you'll see a GO button to run the “Update Neighbor Nodes”. The process can take several minutes or over an hour depending on the size of your Z-Wave network.


If Updating Neighbor Nodes doesn't resolve the issue, try bringing the ZEN16 within direct range of the hub, exclude, and re-include it. If the unit pairs successfully and stays online, this suggests that the previous location is out of Vera's range or there are too many interferences.


There are a few things to try in order to have the ZEN16 stay online from its target location:

  • Try excluding and re-including the device from its installation location. It's possible the hub did not find the most efficient route to the ZEN67 the first time.
  • Avoid installing the ZEN16 in an area with a lot of interferences. Thick walls, large furniture, and metal elements can shorten the device's range potential. Metal in particular effectively prevents Z-Wave signals from being sent and received.
  • Add other Z-Wave signal repeating devices between the hub and ZEN16 to strengthen your mesh network and resolve any connectivity issues. A signal repeater can be any non-battery powered Z-Wave device like a smart plug or light switch.


If you're still having trouble keeping your ZEN16 connected to Vera, please let us know! Our team is ready to help.

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