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There is No LED Activity and My ZEN51 Dry Contact Relay is Unresponsive
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Is the ZEN51 Dry Contact Relay installed, but there is no LED activity, and the relay is unresponsive? Please check the list below.


  • First, check that you have restored power to the unit at the breaker panel, following the completion of the installation.


  • Ensure the device is connected to an electric power source that does not exceed the maximum load power.


  • Next, check the load. Ensure the load for the relay does not exceed 960W for incandescent lights, 150W for LED's, 3A for fans and motors, or 10A for resistive load. 


  • Is the ZEN51 controlling a receptacle? The ZEN51 CANNOT be used with switched receptacles, so it would need to be uninstalled and connected to an appropriate load.


  • CHECK THE WIRES: ensure the load, line, neutral, and ground wires are connected exactly like the diagram, and don't rely exclusively on your multimeter to identify the wires. 


Have you verified everything listed above is correct? Please get in touch, we are happy to help!

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