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3-Way Wiring Diagrams for the ZEN51 Dry Contact Relay
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3-way wiring has usually been limited for behind-the-switch Z-Wave relays. With the ZEN51 model, we introduced a new innovative method of impulse control that allows you to use the device in the most popular 2-point control scenarios. It's extremely important that you're able to identify your set-up and choose the appropriate diagram to finalize the installation.

Read the description for each diagram carefully and attempt the wiring on your own only if you're proficient with electrical installations. There is no room for error with 120 V installations and it is recommended that a licensed electrician performs the installation. 

If you'd like us to create custom instructions for you, just send us a few images from each switch box and we'll help! Make sure to show us a full picture of the box so we're able to trace each wire to its source. Always include your order number and images of the original fully working installation when reaching out to us for guidance.


PLEASE READ before you proceed with the installation:

  • A 3-way is what we call 2-point control so 2 different switches controlling the same set of lights.
  • These instructions can only be used with the ZEN51 Dry Contact Relay model.
  • You have to install the Zooz switch in the box with direct connection to power line and neutral.
  • Always use simple on/off 3-way switches when connecting them to the Zooz relay. No dimmers or electronic switches with a LED indicator may be wired to Zooz relays.
  • There are many different types of 3-way switches, some will have common terminals on top of the switch, some on the bottom. Always locate the common terminals first and adjust the orientation of the wires accordingly. Don't follow the diagrams blindly.
  • The colors of your wires may not match the ones in our diagrams so please make sure you've identified all wires correctly based on their source, not color only.
  • The diagrams show all connections but ground (it was excluded to simplify the illustration). Make sure all ground wires are connected to all wall switches respectively.


Once you're 100% sure you've identified the wires, please make sure power is off and wire the Zooz switch according to the instructions below.


These diagrams illustrate the most common 3-way set-ups. But there are other creative wiring scenarios for 2 switch controls so if you're not able to match yours with the below drawings, please don't pick the closest option. Trial and error are not a good idea with high-voltage installations. Instead, reach out to us first for custom instructions.



For this scenario, install the ZEN51 in the box with direct connection to power (the box where line is coming directly from a breaker and not through one of the wires in your 14-3 traveler romex).

Do NOT change any advanced settings before testing the relay after you wire it. You're able to use 2 types of external switch settings (parameter 7) in this scenario: toggle switch (value 0) or toggle switch with fixed actions (value 2) if using regular 3-way on/off switches. Do NOT use the 3-way impulse control for this scenario. Click here for the full setting list.




For this scenario, install the ZEN51 in the box with direct connection to load (the box where the light fixture wire is connected to common on the 3-way switch).

 NOTE:  You need to add the ZEN51 to your hub and change the external switch type setting (parameter 7) before testing this set-up once it's wired. Select the 3-way impulse control (value 3) for this scenario. Click here for the full setting list.




If you're having any issues installing or operating your ZEN51 relay, please let us know and our tech support team will be happy to assist you!

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