How to Set Up Custom Audio Notifications for Your MultiSiren in Vera

The MultiSiren uses a brand new command class called sound switch to manage custom tone playback in rules and automations.

Unfortunately, there are currently no hubs that use the latest Z-Wave command library that would offer full support for it. This means we had to figure out a workaround for us all to be able to take advantage of this cool new feature until Z-Wave platforms start officially supporting it. Here is how to create scenes with custom notifications on Vera (and yes, you can upload your own sounds, click here to find out how!):

1. Determine the Node ID assigned to the Zooz MultiSiren in your Vera network:

  • Click on the arrow next to the MultiSiren on your Vera dashboard
  • Click on Advanced
  • Look up "altid" and write the number down - you'll need it in step 3 when creating a scene

2. Create a new scene to activate the tone of your choice

  • Click on Scenes in your Vera dashboard
  • Click on Create New Scene
  • Choose the trigger (typically a Z-Wave sensor's value or state) in Step 1
  • Skip Step 2
  • Enter the following LUUP script in Step 3: luup.call_action("urn:micasaverde-com:serviceId:ZWaveNetwork1", "SendData", {Node=XX, Data="x70 4 3 1 Y"}, 1) where "XX" in the script needs to be replaced with your siren's node ID (that you took down in the beginning) and "Y" at the end of the script needs to be replaced with the number of the tone (1-34) from your siren's sound library. Click here to find out how to manage the device library and scroll down for full default tone list.

3. Save Scene

4. Test the Scene and if it doesn't trigger, please repeat all of the above steps, making sure all values are entered correctly.

Here is the default sound list with corresponding tone numbers your MultiSiren comes with: 

  1. Beep
  2. Siren open alert
  3. Smoke alert
  4. Water leak alert
  5. System disarmed alert
  6. System armed alert 
  7. Low battery alert
  8. Siren sound
  9. Battery not charging warning
  10. Controller power off alert
  11. Beep #2
  12. Home network alert
  13. GSM network alert
  14. Motion alert #1
  15. Door/window open alert 
  16. Attempted entry alert
  17. Tamper alert for doors/windows
  18. Tamper alert detector
  19. Tamper alert for motion detectors
  20. Device added alert
  21. Panic alert 
  22. Motion alert #2
  23. Device removed alert
  24. Searching for a new device alert 
  25. No new device found alert
  26. Keypad tamper alert 
  27. Interference alert
  28. Armed mode alert
  29. Manual mode alert
  30. Disarmed mode alert
  31. Power supply cut off alert 
  32. Electricity limit alert
  33. Heating alert
  34. Doorbell

Let us know if you run into any issues setting up your automation and we'll be happy to help!

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  • 17-Jul-2019