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How to Add Your ZSE43 Tilt | Shock XS Sensor to Vera
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Adding your ZSE43 XS Sensor to Vera is fast and simple.

Below are the steps to pair your device:


  1. Power on the ZSE43 Sensor
  2. In your Vera app, select the Devices tab. Next, click on the gray "+ Add Device" button
  3. Choose Generic Z-Wave Device from the device list
  4. Click the Z-Wave button on the sensor 3 times as quickly as possible (the LED indicator will start flashing)
  5. Once included, select the ZSE43 sensor
  6. Go to Settings on the device, then click Advanced settings
  7. Replace "device_file" with D_DoorSensor1.xml
  8. Replace "device_json" with D_DoorSensor1.json
  9. Go to Vera controller settings on the left side menu
  10. Z-Wave Settings > Advanced > Reload Engine > Go
  11. Return to the device list and refresh the page. It will now show as a door/window sensor


*For Ezlo users, 2 new devices will be created: the Master ZSE43 device (with On/Off capabilities) to track the battery status and change your settings, and a child door/window device, for tracking the open/close status of the sensor.



ZSE43 XS Sensor won't include?  First, exclude the unit from your Vera network. Next, try the inclusion instructions again. This behaves as a soft reset to assist with any configuration or inclusion issues. After inclusion times out, begin the steps listed below:


  1. Tap the green Retry button in the bottom right corner of the app. This puts Vera into exclusion mode
  2. Exclude the ZSE43 by pressing the Z-Wave button 3 times as quickly as possible 
  3. The LED indicator should start flashing. Vera will confirm the device was excluded in a message on top of the screen
  4. Retry the inclusion process once again. Vera will automatically return to the inclusion screen once exclusion is finalized. 


Let us know if you're still having trouble pairing the device, or have any other questions!


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