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How to Use the ZEN16 MultiRelay to Automate Pool Equipment
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You can automate your pool pump, pool lights, and the blower, all with a single MultiRelay. We include a simple pool pump (up to 0.5 hp) and lighting diagram, as well as a more robust solution with a larger pump and blower that includes the use of contactors between the relays and the controlled load. 

First, please make sure that your Z-Wave hub supports individual control of each relay by checking the compatibility list here. Next, double check that you're able to identify your wiring and match it with one of the diagrams below. If you're not confident following the instructions or don't have the necessary tools to complete the installation, please hire a licensed electrician for the job.



You'll be able to add the MultiRelay to your set-up easily if you already have a way to control your pool pump and light from a wall switch. If you don't have switches controlling your pool equipment, please contact us first to see if your set-up is compatible with the ZEN16 device.

  • WIRING TIPS: Always take "before" pictures just in case you need to restore the original set-up or send us images for consultation. Use the correct screwdriver size for the terminal screws on your MultiRelay and wall switches (if connecting them). Use appropriate electrical tools when cutting, prepping, and stripping electrical wires. If you don’t have the necessary tools to perform the installation or if you're not sure how to operate the electrical tools, please hire an electrician to complete the installation for you. Follow the National Electrical Code and your local safety regulations when performing the installation, including (but not limited to), choosing the correct gauge of jumper wires. The recommended gauge for 15 Amp circuits is 14 AWG and 12 AWG for 20 Amp circuits.
  • POWER OFF: turn the circuit power off in the breaker panel before you start. Keep the MultiRelay unplugged from its power source.
  • DISCONNECT THE SWITCH: Open the switch cover and disconnect the 2 wires coming to it from the pool pump or light.
  • CONNECT THE MULTIRELAY (WIRING OPTION 1 FOR PUMPS UP TO 0.5 HP): Connect the 2 wires coming from the pool pump / light to the relay (R1 for the lights and R3 for the pump) on the ZEN16 and run 2 jumper wires between the wall switch screws and Sw1 terminals on the MultiRelay as shown in the diagram below. Please note that no Voltage can be applied to the switch terminals on the ZEN16.



  • CONNECT THE MULTIRELAY (WIRING OPTION 2 FOR LARGER PUMPS AND BLOWERS): You will need to add contactors rated for your blower and pump between the loads and the ZEN16 MultiRelay in this version of the installation. This will ensure reliable control of more powerful motors that produce a high inrush current. Connect the contactors to the ZEN16 relays and the load as shown in the diagram below. Then add the power source according to the diagram for each load as well. You won't need the contactors for the lighting part of the installation and you can connect the load directly to the relay terminals as shown in the below diagram. Run 2 jumper wires between the wall switch terminals and switch terminals on the MultiRelay whenever wall switch control is required as shown in the diagram below. Remember that absolutely no Voltage can be applied to the switch terminals on the ZEN16.



  • RESTORE POWER: Connect the pool equipment and ZEN16 MultiRelay back to their power source. Click here for the recommended power supply to power the MultiRelay ZEN16. Please do NOT use laptop chargers or Apple accessories with the MultiRelay. NEVER connect DC power and USB power to the ZEN16 at the same time. Please remember to separate any low-voltage and high-voltage connections with a divider when wiring the ZEN16 in a 120 V or 220 V installation to comply with the NEC norms.



  1. Add the MultiRelay ZEN16 to your hub by following the instructions in the manual. 
  2. You should see 4 devices appear in your app or online interface with one master to control all 3 loads at the same time and 3 child devices for individual control of each relay.


Now test and rename the relays if needed. The relays will report on/off status to the hub even if you control the pump or the lights from the wall switch. You can put the devices on a schedule or create smart rules in your hub to turn them on or off based on other conditions as well.


If you need help with your installation, please reach out to us!

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