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Lights Flicker with My ZEN74 Dimmer Switch
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If your lights are flickering after installing the ZEN74 Toggle Dimmer, it could indicate a driver incompatibility between the bulb and dimmer. 

The executive element in ZEN74 Toggle Dimmers is TRIAC, a leading edge driver. If an LED bulb uses a trailing edge driver (or MOSFET), this may lead to flickering.


The solution to fixing the flickering (aside from trying different bulbs) is to either add a bypass to the load or trying a ZEN27/ZEN77 dimmer since these models use a MOSFET (trailing edge / ELV dimming). Please note: the ZEN27 and ZEN77 are paddle models, while the ZEN74 is a toggle dimmer.


You should also check to see if the LED bulbs you're using are labeled as dimmable. Regular on/off bulbs are not compatible with dimmers and will not perform correctly.


Never use a Z-Wave dimmer with smart bulbs unless you disable paddle control on them first. Dimming smart bulbs from a wall dimmer may damage your equipment.


Let our team know if you have any questions about your ZEN74 Dimmer or LED lights, we'll be happy to help!

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