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How to Add Your ZSE18 Motion Sensor to Vera

Include your ZSE18 Motion Sensor automatically or manually, on battery or USB power.

Add the ZSE18 sensor automatically to Vera, powered by battery:

1. Select the Devices tab in your Vera app
2. Click on the gray "+ Add Device" button
3. Choose Generic Z-Wave Device from the device list
4. Twist open the cover of the sensor to access the battery
5. Remove the plastic wrapping surrounding the battery along with the plastic battery tab. Insert the battery back in. The new device should appear on the device list within 30 seconds

If for whatever reason you'd like to try auto-inclusion again after giving it a try, remove the battery for at least 2 minutes before auto-including the second time. The sensor needs to be without power for these 2 minutes so it can refresh.

But if auto-inclusion isn't working, you can also add the sensor manually. Manual inclusion is particularly helpful if you need to troubleshoot inclusion or connectivity issues:

1. Make sure the battery is clear of its plastic wrapping and the plastic battery tab has been removed. Also make sure the battery is inserted correctly
2. Select the Devices tab in your Vera app
3. Click on the gray "+ Add Device" button
4. Choose Generic Z-Wave Device from the device list
5. Press and release the Z-Wave button on the Motion Sensor 3 TIMES QUICKLY
6. A new motion sensor will appear on Vera's device list

Finally, you can include the sensor to Vera while powered by USB. This will turn your sensor into a Z-Wave signal repeater. Here's how to do it:

1. Make sure the sensor is within direct range of Vera
2. Connect the sensor to the USB cable and power adapter. Wait at least 30 seconds.
3. Select the Devices tab in your Vera app
4. Click on the gray "+ Add Device" button
5. Press and hold Z-Wave button for at least 5 seconds. Release the button as soon as the LED indicator starts blinking. If you hold it for too long, inclusion will fail

Manual and auto-inclusion not working out? Try excluding the sensor from the network. Exclusion is like a soft reset and we find it helps most configuration issues. 

If you have any questions about the above, let our team know!

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  • 08-Jun-2020