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Recommended Accessories for Your ZSE29 Outdoor Motion Sensor
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USB or battery? The ZSE29 sensor can be powered by either!

The Outdoor Motion Sensor accepts one of two power supplies: battery or USB.


Battery Powered

If powered by battery, the sensor needs 3 x AA (1.5 V) batteries. Make sure to insert to batteries in the proper orientation.


USB Powered

If you prefer your ZSE29 sensor having a constant power source, use the included USB adapter board in place of the batteries and power it via USB cable and 1 A USB power supply.

Here are the available accessories for USB powered sensors:

Note: The sensor cannot be powered by both power supplies at the same time (i.e. using battery power and USB power as back-up).


Connectivity Issues? If your Outdoor Motion Sensor was just installed or recently had its battery changed, but isn't staying connected to your hub, then it could indicate an issue with range. The ZSE29 sensor's Z-Wave range is up to 130 feet within line of sight. But if the installation location is far from the hub with no other signal extending Z-Wave devices around, it can have connectivity problems. You could try adding a Z-Wave signal repeater to your mesh network.


Signal repeaters can be any non-battery powered Z-Wave devices installed in the network to help extend the Z-Wave range. Your hub uses these devices to form a communication route to your Outdoor Motion Sensor. Z-Wave devices that can be used as repeaters include smart plugs or switches (like the ZEN25 Double Plug or ZEN15 Power Switch). Dedicated Z-Wave signal repeaters, like this one here, would work as well.


Important: If your sensor is installed outdoors, you can try connecting indoor rated devices on a wall closest to where the sensor is installed outdoors. While the ZEN15 Power Switch is not rated for outdoor use, you can check out our helpful article for being able to use it in an outdoor installation.


You may not need to install signal repeaters if your sensor has no troubles, but it's a good idea to try if your ZSE29 is having trouble communicating with the hub. If your ZSE29 sensor is installed close to the hub or nearby other signal repeaters, but is still having issues, then check out our other helpful troubleshoots under your hub specific folder.


Tried everything in our Knowledge Base and still have questions? Reach out to us, we'll be happy to help!


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