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My ZSE40 4-in-1 Sensor is Showing a Configuration Error in My Vera App

Including your sensor on older firmware and see a configuration error? Here's what to try: 

As of mid-July 2018, the 4-in-1 sensor has been officially integrated with Vera so that you can just choose the sensor from the device list and add it preconfigured and ready-to-go. However, those of you using any firmware version that isn't the latest one will likely have to add the sensor as a Generic Z-Wave Device and configure it manually, as shown here

Many users are able to manually configure the sensor with Vera and see no further issues but if you see an error, this is likely because the sensor is only awake for 20 seconds after inclusion. Some controllers are not able to exchange all the data necessary during that initial period of time. To conserve batteries, the sensor only wakes up every 12 hours which is fine during normal operation, but this may pose as an issue if initial configuration is not completed at set-up.

Whenever you see a configuration error in your Vera interface, you'll just need to wake the device up manually by clicking on the Z-Wave button once with a paperclip. The LED should flash once to confirm the device has been woken up.

If you're still seeing configuration issues after waking up the device, please let us know!

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