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Outdoor Motion Sensor ZSE29 VER. 1.0 VS VER. 2.0 - What's the Difference?

As of December 2019, the Outdoor Motion Sensor Ver 2.0 is available! How does it compare to Ver 1.0?

The differences lie in the devices' firmware and how they handle motion and LUX reports. The newer version also features more advanced settings to customize your device (note that your hub needs to support access to advanced settings to take advantage of these features). Here is a summary of the features in both versions: 


ZSE29 VER 1.0


  • Motion clear time and LUX trigger knobs and Z-Wave settings only relate to lights and devices directly associated with the sensor in Group 2. They don't affect the way the sensor reports motion to the hub.
  • The sensor does NOT report LUX values to the hub.
  • The motion sensor doesn't have adjustable sensitivity.
  • This version cannot be updated to VER. 2.0 with an OTA firmware update because some of the upgrades required changes in the hardware and software beyond the Z-Wave chip.


ZSE29 VER 2.0


  • The motion clear time and LUX trigger settings can be set physically on the knobs or through advanced settings via Z-Wave (Parameters 4 and 5) and will now affect how the sensor reports motion both to the hub and to associated devices in Group 2.
  • The sensor reports LUX to the hub.
  • The sensor features an option to disable motion reports altogether (Parameter 2).
  • The motion sensor's sensitivity can be adjusted in advanced settings (Parameter 3).
  • You can adjust LUX reporting frequency in advanced settings (Parameter 6, default set to 30 minutes).


To keep track of future firmware updates, refer to the Outdoor Motion Sensor's firmware change log here. These upgrades are based on your feedback! If you have any questions about the differences between the two versions, or would like to see additional changes in future versions, please let us know


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