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Manage Files in ZSE19 MultiSiren Audio Library

You can upload custom audio files to your ZSE19 MultiSiren to play them as part of your automation rules. Here is how to add, remove, and organize the sounds for the device. The smart speaker is only supported by selected hubs so please check compatibility first.


1. Your MultiSiren and the included mini USB cable.

2. A PC / laptop Windows computer with your audio files and a USB port.

3. Audio files in .WAV format. MP3 or any other file format is not supported by the MutltiSiren. You can easily convert most audio files to .WAV using this online converter.



1. Plug the MultiSiren into a USB port on your PC/laptop using the mini USB cable included in the box.

2. Wait for the uploading software to launch automatically. If nothing happens within 30 seconds, go to My Computer and look for a new CD drive. Double click the icon to launch the uploading software.

3. You'll see 3 columns, like shown in the screenshot below. Use the first column to navigate folders on your computer (choose the audio file folder). Use the second column to navigate files within the selected folder. The third column shows the current files on the ZSE19 + any new files you add to upload to the MultiSiren in selected order.

4. Click on the file in the second column and then click the arrow icon between the columns to move the file to the third column so that a new audio file (.WAV format only) is added to the MultiSiren library. Observe the storage space bar below to make sure you have enough space left. You may need to shorten or compress your custom sounds in the process. You can play any of the sounds from both file columns at any time using the playback controls located under the third column.



If you need to remove any of the existing tones from the library to make space for new ones, just follow these steps:

1. Navigate to the third column and click on the file you'd like to remove. Please note file 02_siren_open_ is reserved for tamper alert notifications and should NOT be removed or replaced with another sound.

2. Click on the "X" icon next to the playback controls under the third column to remove the selected file.



Your hub will identify the custom sounds by numbers assigned to them in the library. That's why it's very important to have the files organized in order that will be easy for you to navigate and remember.

1. Navigate to the third column and click on the file you'd like to move up or down. Please don't move or replace the 02_siren_open_ sound.

2. Use the "up" and "down" arrow icons located under the third column to change the position of the selected file in the MultiSiren's library.



Once you've added new files and organized your library, you still need to upload everything to the device itself:

1. Click on the "upload" icon located on the left side of the storage space status bar.

2. Once the upload is complete, click on the "power" icon located on the right side of the storage space status bar to exit the program.

3. Securely remove the USB device from your computer before unplugging the MultiSiren.


NOTE: If you're not able to play the new sounds through your hub after uploading them to the device, you may need to reboot the MultiSiren by taking all of the batteries out for 10 seconds and putting them back in.


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