How to Change the Advanced Settings for Your Multisiren in Vera

Your Multisiren is customizable so that it better fits your needs and lifestyle.

You can change things like the alarm siren duration and the reporting interval for the built-in temperature and humidity sensors. You can change the advanced parameters through your Vera interface. Check out the process below, which is the same for all advanced options (except step 5):

1. Open your Vera online interface (the browser dashboard, not the app)
2. Click on the Zooz ZSE19 Multisiren
3. Go to Device Options
4. Click on Add configuration settings
5. Put in the following:

To change alarm siren duration:

  1. Variable = 1
  2. Data Size = 2 byte dec
  3. Desired Value = [10-600 seconds; 180 (seconds) – default value]

For temp & humidity reporting interval:

  1. Variable = 2
  2. Data Size = 2 byte dec
  3. Desired Value = [1 – 1440 minutes; 30 (minutes) – default value.l]

6. Click on Save Changes
7. Press and release the Z-Wave button 3 times quickly just like during inclusion to make sure the commands go through

Let us know if you have any questions about the process above, and especially let us know if you run into any issues! We'll be happy to help get your device up and running on Vera. 

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  • 06-Dec-2018