My ZEN27 Dimmer Won't Control the Lights

It's possible that something about the wiring can be improved. 

Take a look at our general wiring guide for Zooz S2 switches. If you have the dimmer installed in a multi-point set-up like a 3-way, 4-way, or 5-way, make sure to refer to the relevant diagrams and try to compare your wiring to that shown in the illustrations. 

If you're unable to locate the source of the problem, take some pictures of all the boxes in the installation according to the angle and instructions shown here. Then, send us the images so we can have a look and see if we can make any recommendations. 

Also, check that the dimmer is connected to a compatible load. Zooz switches shouldn't be connected to motor loads like ceiling fans, as detailed here. Improper loads like fans, home appliances, and ballast tubes may damage the dimmer immediately or over time.

Along with compatible loads, verify that the wattage on load is within the device's specs to make sure the device hasn't overloaded. And if you've removed any heatsink tabs from your dimmer prior to installation, note that with each tab removed, the maximum capacity of your dimmer decreases. Here's more about that

If you suspect that the type of load you've connected has damaged the dimmer or that it's been overloaded, let us know

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  • 04-Feb-2020