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ZAC93 800 GPIO Module Installation Guide
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Here are some tips for installing your GPIO module on the host hardware of your choice and for setting it up with your home automation software. Please remember that this device is for expert users only and we're not able to provide troubleshooting or support for the smart home software you're using. Please refer to the support channels of the software for any questions with Z-Wave installation and device management.

Home Assistant Yellow Installation

Connect the ZAC93 GPIO module to the "Wireless smart home" pins located in the bottom left corner of the HA Yellow board, right next to the Zigbee chip. Just like in the images below:




Never force any connections as these are fragile electronic components.


Once the GPIO module is connected, you can access it on the Home Assistant software through the dev/ttyAMA0 port. It may show as an unknown manufacturer device but this will not affect performance or functionality in any way. Proceed with installing Z-Wave JS on your Home Assistant software according to the instructions here.

If you need any ssistance with your Home Assistant set-up, please refer to the available platform resources such as the community forums for general help and report any issues on GitHub or Discord.



Raspberry Pi Installation

Connect the ZAC93 GPIO module to pins 1-10 - note these are the same pins reserved for Bluetooth so please make sure you disable Bluetooth first.


Once the GPIO module is installed on the Pi, proceed with your software installation according to the set-up instructions for your smart home interface. Use the dev/ttyAMA0 port to access your GPIO module.


If there is a hardware problem with your ZAC93 module, please get in touch with our team 7 days a week and we'll assist you with getting the device serviced. Please register your product to unlock an extended 5-year warranty.

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