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Changing Advanced Settings for Your ZEN15 Power Switch in Vera
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Your ZEN15 Power Switch comes with a variety of handy customizable settings that are simple to set up in Vera! 

You can adjust a variety of reporting frequencies, on/off status after power failure and overload protection. We've included the steps below showing how to adjust the advanced settings:


1. Open your Vera online interface (the browser dashboard, not the app)
2. Click on the Power Switch
3. Go to Device Options
4. Click on Add configuration settings
5. Put in the following (for example):

To customize on/off status recovery after power failure:

  1. Variable = 21
  2. Data Size = 1 byte dec
  3. Desired Value = 0 – Power Switch remembers the status prior to power outage and turns back to it (default); 1 – Power Switch automatically turns ON once power is restored (it does not remember the status prior to power outage); 2 – Power Switch automatically turns OFF once power is restored (it does not remember the status prior to power outage).

6. Click on Save Changes


Any questions about programming your Power Switch's advanced options? Let us know

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