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How to Access Advanced Settings for the ZEN15 Power Switch on Home Assistant
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Want to adjust the advanced settings for your ZEN15 Power Switch in Home Assistant?

The ZEN15 is integrated with the latest JS integration of Home Assistant. If you aren't on the JS integration yet, Home Assistant currently recommends handling Z-Wave devices through the new Z-Wave JS integration since all others have essentially been abandoned and / or discontinued.


All of the Power Switch's advanced settings should be available, but if you don't see all the settings, there is another way to make adjustments:


You can now change any parameter manually on the JS Z-Wave integration for Home Assistant. 

It needs to be done in zwavejs2mqtt and it’s not possible to do this within HA directly at the moment:


  1. Under node, scroll down below any exposed settings for the device (under Configuration) to the Custom Configuration section as shown in the screenshot here, where you'll see Value, Parameter and Size.
  2. You can enter the data according to the product documentation and click SET for the parameter to be updated.


Let us know if you have any other questions! We're here to help!

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