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Recommended Accessories for Your ZSE43 Tilt | Shock Sensor
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For the best performance from your ZSE43 Tilt | Shock Sensor, ensure your Z-Wave network is strong.

To power the sensor, you'll want to use the included CR2032 battery.

If you've recently changed the battery in your sensor and find your unit is having issues, here are a few things you can try:

  1. Make sure the batteries are in the proper orientation
    • The sensor will not work properly if the batteries are inserted incorrectly
  2. Try excluding the sensor and re-including it
    • Bring the ZSE43 closer to the hub during the process to circumvent any range issues. Run a network repair, if supported by your hub, once it's fully included and installed in its target location.


Experiencing connectivity Issues? The best Z-Wave mesh networks have a number of signal repeating devices installed. This allows for a stronger mesh for better connection and communication. The ZSE43 sensor has a Z-Wave range of up to 300 feet line of sight, but obstacles like thick walls, large furniture, and glass or metal elements can limit the Z-Wave signal. Try adding a Z-Wave signal repeater between your hub and the sensor if its installation location is far from the hub.


All non-battery powered Z-Wave devices act as signal repeaters. Install them in areas where there aren't many signal repeating Z-Wave devices, to allow the hub to form solid communication routes to all the devices in your network. The repeater can be any smart plug or switch, like the ZEN25 Double Plug or ZEN15 Power Switch, or a dedicated Z-Wave signal repeater, like this one here.


Repeaters may not be necessary if you have a large network of Z-Wave devices. If the hub is having difficulty communicating with the sensor, then you may need to try a different location within the hub's range, adding a repeater, or relocating an existing repeater in your house to help with any range or communication issues. If your ZSE43 is within range and in an area with other signal extenders, and still having problems, then these other hub-specific troubleshoots could be worth trying.


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