Can't Add My Outdoor Motion Sensor to My Z-Wave System

Exclusion is a type of reset, and it's the first thing you should try for any type of inclusion or configuration issue.  

Your Outdoor Motion Sensor doesn't have to be included to your hub for it to be successfully excluded. Just follow these steps to exclude the device: 

  1. Bring the sensor within direct range of your Z-Wave hub
  2. Put your Z-Wave hub into exclusion mode (see your controller's manual for details, as each brand is different)
  3. Press and release the tamper switch 3 times quickly
  4. Your hub should confirm exclusion; the sensor is now reset and ready to be paired / included again

Once exclusion is completed, try re-including the sensor to your hub.

If you never received exclusion confirmation or ran into a different issue, here are some other things to try:

  • Try the exclusion process once more. It's possible that the commands just didn't go through the first time.
  • Click the tamper switch 4-5 times quickly and firmly while including it. This will help make sure the commands go through. 
  • If excluding/including from the installation location, try it again in a new place closer to the hub. If the second try is successful, the original spot may be out of range.
  • Try performing hard reset on the unit to see if that helps the problem. 

Tried all the above with no luck? General questions about the process? We got you!

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  • 30-Nov-2018